Chris Eom & Andrew Wright Simple WiFi Profits

Chris Eom and Andrew Wright are the originators of Simple WiFi Profits. Although they are very successful affiliate marketers right now, their stories didn’t always start that way.

Chris Eom and Andrew Wright

Andrew was believed to be “the underachiever” as his family was filled with lawyers, accountants, and doctors. He wasn’t successful with college either as he got a 2.7 GPA and dropped out. Ironically, he started an online business that crashed to the ground before it had gotten to any reasonable level.

So, you can imagine the shock on everyone’s face when he discovered the secrets to affiliate marketing and was earning hundreds of dollars daily. What started as nothing important led to him earning as much as $80,000 in a day to the shock of his family.

The seemingly neglected member of the family was the one who was able to pay off the mortgage of his struggling parents. He was so successful with his business that he began to employ his family members too. This is the epic story of Andrew, who went from being the family failure to one of the most successful.

Then, there was Chris Eom. When he came into the United States from South Korea at the age of 10, he only knew how to say three words in English. He had a completely different upbringing compared to Andrew as he was from a traditional Asian household.

Chris had to work hard to fend for himself and his family that he ended up in the corporate world. It is no surprise that he hated everything about his job. However, there was something he cherished so much, and that was his friendship with Andrew.

By the time they were both friends, Andre had already scaled his business to generate as much as $80,000 in a day. While Chris literally broke his back daily working excessively under the sun, Andrew was his own boss and even earned way more without sitting in traffic while commuting to work.

He was the master of his time, and the freedom he had with his business was truly liberating. When Andrew noticed that Chris had no prior experience with running a business, he decided to help him out by teaching Chris his unique system that made him so rich via affiliate marketing. This was the beginning of something special between them.

It was a fruitful journey as Chris quickly went from earning $200 per day to $2000 daily for seven days in just his second week. By the third week, he had already moved up to $8000, and this was only his profits.

Since that life-changing moment when they became partners in affiliate marketing, they have culminated more than $7 million between them. Have you ever heard of someone earning as much as $125,000 in a single day without stepping out of their houses?

Well, Andrew and Chris broke this record, earning even more than this in just one day. Life was good, and their earnings continued to increase each day until they started averaging about a million dollars every month until this moment.

How would you feel if you earned just a fraction of this? You would be able to do so much for yourself and your family:

  • Save for retirement
  • Renovate your house
  • Buy a new car
  • Indulge in a new and expensive hobby
  • Go on a vacation with your loved ones
  • Pay off college fees
  • Offset your mortgage payments.

Although he was not always mentioned often, there is another person in the picture who changed the course of their lives forever. Chris and Andrew never had any plans to share their affiliate marketing system with anyone and never bothered with proper documentation.

They had already invested millions in this system and earned way more in profits. They were just regular guys enjoying their life-changing business when they discovered the stories of people who were struggling to make ends meet. This prompted them to hold a few private training sessions, and this was how they met James Y.

It was their meeting with James Y that further changed the course of their lives forever. He is the reason Simple WiFi Profits was created to cater to the needs of people ready to enjoy the benefits of their affiliate marketing system. James, like a lot of other people, was struggling to make something for himself but was mostly unsuccessful.

He met with Andrew and Chris as his final desperate move when he was already neck-deep in debts. He was already getting close to being homeless alongside his family members as their house had already been foreclosed on. This was a struggle Andrew could relate to as he had just paid off his family’s mortgage. This sealed the deal, and they agreed to help him.

In just 16 days, James earned his first $10,000 and went on to become a millionaire in less than four months. This changed his life and that of his family. At this point, Chris and Andrew realized that they were sitting on a goldmine of information and knew that they couldn’t keep it to themselves anymore.

They decided to share it, alongside several bonuses that would make people achieve their scale of success. This led to the creation of Simple WiFi Profits. Just like James, you can earn millions of dollars from your home with Simple WiFi Profits.

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A simple guide to Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

To a lot of people, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is just another affiliate network, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. This is unlike any traditional affiliate platform you have ever heard of.

Clickbank is a marketplace that caters to affiliates and people who create products in an uncomplicated manner. With this platform, they can both make a lot of money together in a mutually beneficial relationship without the added hassle of complex agreements.

How Clickbank Affiliate Marketing works

Clickbank serves as the middleman between business people who create digital products like music and videos, and affiliate marketers who sell these products. This means that it fulfills two major functions:

Serves as a product marketplace for affiliates where they can create their unique links and use it to drive traffic to their websites. With this traffic, they will be able to market thousands of products and earn an impressive commission on each successful sale. This process requires no detailed screening as the affiliate network is open to anyone willing to take the leap.

Serves as an e-commerce platform for business people with products that need to be sold. Every product owner can join Clickbank and add their products to the database. The platform takes care of the e-commerce and checkout aspect of this. To become a seller on Clickbank, you will be charged a one-time activation fee of $49.95.

With this fee, you know that anyone who takes the step to be on the platform is serious about earning their dollars, effectively screening out any low-quality vendor. Product owners don’t have to be involved in any technical details.

How Clickbank Affiliate Marketing works

Affiliate marketing is the next big thing, and one of the significant aspects of getting into this industry is picking the right platform. This is more than just picking any random reputable product, but a conscious effort to help brands sell while making massive proceeds from it.

It is not complicated as the mechanism is pretty straightforward. It leverages on the booming market for online education.

A lot of people spend on eBooks and other digital products weekly, making it a valid source of income. Clickbank itself is a massive revenue-generating platform, which up to a quarter of a billion dollars, gotten as sales revenue every year. This is something you can tap into.

There is a unique beauty to digital products where it costs almost nothing to make a video and sell it. Imagine spending less than $30 in creating a digital product and earning thousands of dollars with minimal efforts.

This could translate to you having 100% of the revenue as your profits when you deduct the marketing costs. Tapping into this with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is the best move. Clickbank pays more than 70%, and high profits are equivalent to high affiliate commissions.

Pros of using Clickbank

There is so much to love about Clickbank. It is a fantastic place for beginners to get acquainted with affiliate marketing. New affiliate marketers don’t need to jump through hoops to become familiar with the platform. Advanced affiliate marketers can also earn a lot of money online via Clickbank with their years of experience.

There is no lengthy registration process that involves approval. In less than an hour, you are all set on Clickbank and ready to start selling as an affiliate marketer. The benefits associated with this platform are numerous, and here are some of them:

  • You don’t need any detailed tech knowledge to be successful on Clickbank
  • You are not constrained by location as you can sell in hundreds of countries
  • Commission for each sale is as high as 75%

How to make money with Clickbank

Making money on Clickbank follows a simple formula for success. It starts with getting a reliable product that you can effectively sell to customers. After carrying out detailed research, you will discover the category of products that are in high demand by consumers and take advantage of this with a funnel that will convert it to traffic on your website.

Once you can build traffic through your affiliate link, you can then optimize your funnel and make it profitable. This is when it gets so much better. Visitors to your website will click through your products, and when they are convinced, they will make that purchase. For every successful sale, your commissions stack up higher and higher. This is the process involved in Clickbank affiliate marketing.

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